Embossed Pewter Labels


These quality embossed pewter labels are the latest addition to the duragraphic range of products. 

Embossing allows you to create a complex design and shape that will lend the ultimate luxury feel to your brand. The labels can be both embossed and printed so that the label can conform to your corporate branding.

The labels are supplied with a very strong adhesive which makes this innovative product ideal for adhering to glass, plastic, wood, candles and soap.

The strong adhesive ensures the labels is a permanent fixture and will last the life of the product itself.

Supplied in both roll and sheet formats depending on the volume you require.

Pre-production samples are supplied so that you can see exactly what the labels will look like prior to us making the full batch.

Every requirement is unique so please feel free to give Steve a call to discuss your individual needs on 01625 432094 and we can discuss your design and offer you prices.

Embossed 8.jpg
Embossed 4.jpg